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PATENT means any useful invention invented through a new method or process of the construction operation or publicity of any material or collection of materials or through any principle or formula.


  • Any person, willing to have rights on any patent, has to register such patent under the Patent Design and Trademark Act.

  • Any patent registered in the name of any person shall not be copied use used or utilized without the patentee's written consent .

  • Ownership of a patent can be transferred in any way to any person as movable property.

  • If any body does or attempt to do so or encourage to do any work against these rights of patentee may be punished with a fine by the order of Department and all the materials related with such offence shall be confiscated.


  • Person willing to patent registered in his own name shall have to apply to the Department with following information including all other evidence

  • Name, address and profession of inventor.

  • In the case of the invention not invented by the applicant himself, the conditions acquiring such right from inventor by the applicant,

  • Method of operation or utilization of such invention

  • Principle or formula, if such patent is based on any principle or formula

  • Drawings and sketch of invention (if necessary)

  • Prescribed application fee as mention in schedule


  • If it has already been registered in the name of other

  • If the patent asked to be registered is not invented by the applicant himself and he has not acquired the right from the inventor

  • If the patent asked to be registered is found to cause adverse effect in health , conduct or morale or people in general or in the national interest

  • If it violates any prevailing laws of Nepal.


  • Department upon submission of an patent application examine the invention whether it is new or not, it is useful to the people in general or not

  • If it deems necessary, Department takes the advice of experts of related field

  • Basically, Department fallow the principle of Novelty, Industrial applicability, and Inventive step to examine


  • If Department found the patent application is patentable after examination provide certificates to the applicant

  • Applicant shall pay a registration fee as prescribed in schedule.


  • Department shall publish all patents, except those to be kept secret for national interest in journal

  • Anybody willing to see or take a copy of the statement, drawing or sketch of a patent published in journal may see or take a copy of such patent document on payment of a fee as prescribed.


  • If any body has any complain upon any patent he may lodge such complains to the Department within thirty-five days from the date on which the patent is seen or a copy of such patent document is taken.

  • Upon receipt of the complain Department take necessary action through an investigation.


  • Patentee shall have his right on the patent for a period of seven years from the date of registration.

  • The patentee shall renew the patent within 35 days from date of expiry having paid the fee mention in schedule.

  • Renewal of a patent may be made for two times of seven years.